Jeep grab handles are one of the most important safety features of any jeep. Getting in and out of jeep can be extremely dangerous especially if the jeep door handles are not attached properly, poorly designed or manufactured, corroded, or non-existent. Slip and fall injuries are a common occurrence for jeep drivers because of the relatively high height of the jeep, and thus it is important to have the best grab handles to prevent many accidents. Most of the injuries normally happen when the weather is poor such as when it is rainy, icy, or snowy.

Jumping down from your jeep can be dangerous since high impacts can end up exerting more pressure on your ligaments and joints. While round-stainless steel tube handles have been the most common jeep grab handles on the market for many years, they may not be the best option, especially during poor weather as they are round and smooth and thus can become slippery. Fortunately, today there are many and better options manufactured to replace the traditional grab handles.

Before buying jeep grab handles to make sure that the grab handle you selected has the following features. Sturdiness- you need your grab handles to have a combination of durable materials and secure installation methods. These grab handles should have different attachment methods that can be attached with bolts or can be strapped to the jeep. Reliable bolting also facilitates easy installation. Compatibility- you can have a sturdy grab handle, good quality, from a famous brand, and with other features, but if you did not check whether it is compatible with your jeep, it amounts to nothing.

All-weather resistance- you need a tough jeep grab handle that can work with for years in every season. It should be resistant to corrosion, heat, and extreme weather. Rust is a common problem that can be a result of different climatic conditions. Rusting can result in reduced efficiency and can also affect its aesthetics. Some grab handles are reinforced with other materials that can prevent rust and other corrosive factors. It can add a layer of cushioning to make it convenient for users.