Ergonomic keyboards are the revolutionary keyboard of the century. The keyboard has been designed to provide a comfortable and pain-free typing experience. With over a thousand people attached to computers and laptops for work and assignments related, it consumes the health. Back pain, the strain on shoulder, neck, and wrist as well as straining of the eye for long consecutive hours have become a common problem.

Ergonomic keyboard has been customized to ensure that the hands and wrists are comfortably placed when typing. Also, it helps to eliminate chronic stress from excessive typing. It also helps to work towards Carpal tunnel syndrome. Some of the best ergonomic keyboards 2020 are Matias Ergo Pro, Microsoft ergonomic surface keyboard, Mistel Barocco, Logitech K350. There are different kinds of ergonomic keyboards, with each design feature to provide health benefits.

There are the split keyboards that consist of three separated keys all in one single board. This separation of keys enables the user to type from different angles or as the user please to use. Contoured keyboards are the developed version of split keyboards. The best ergonomic wireless keyboard are designed with the keys further divided into two with the function keys placed between the key groups for the thumb. This kind of keyboard requires very little effort or movement on the arms and the wrist.Handheld ergonomic keyboards appear to be like the game controller.

Unlike the normal flat laying of keys on board, it has been designed to allow the user to easily move around a room and type. Other additional features include a trackball mouse. Angel split keyboard is similar to that of the split ergonomic keyboard but with the additional design of lifting the middle keys. This enables the index fingers to be slightly raised then the other fingers when typing.Ergonomic keyboards can be found in different features with each uniquely designed to help provide comfortable and strain-free typing experience. There are also best wired ergonomic keyboards as well as wireless featured keyboards.