People in this modern world have found new ways and means to do things more practically and conveniently. The internet is one of the major sources for most of the innovations that people come up with. One thing leads to another meaning that what one person sees as entertainment can be a way to earn money for another. Likewise there are so many resources in this present world that people often don’t pay heed to because of certain reasons. However, the main point about this article will be focused on details relating to YouTube.

YouTube as people know is a very interesting platform on which people express themselves and also make a career out of it too. There are possibly millions of channels and contents that people can find on it. These contents are however, categorised into multiple types such as music, education, facts, showbiz, games, etc., and the list goes on. The purpose behind it is so that people who create such videos and people who watch it can benefit from it. Basically, it’s a win-win thing to begin with. But there are a few downsides on the way for its viewers which relates to download video the videos instead of streaming everything in one go.

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