Out of all the messages, one of the hardest to note down would probably be the condolence message. We are conscious of the words to say or the impact it will have on the person. We care about the feelings associated with the message. Even if the words are hard to be formed, a reminder heartfelt note is all that people can offer to the mourner.

The first rule to be writing a condolences message is to actually write them. Many a time, people don’t find the correct words to say so they skip writing condolences. Whether the person lives far or close by, one must make sure to pen down a note to comfort them. The note should be written with good quality stationaries and good handwriting to reflect the medium and nature of the situation and not casually.

The writer doesn’t have to go deep with philosophical words about life or death. There is no need to write down deep philosophical words as they will never be enough to take the pain or erase the pain. It should be kept simple and profound as all they want is to be remembered in prayers and thoughts. Another thing to be kept in mind is to avoid comparison of the pain, explain their losses or share any kind of grudges.

If at all, the writer can share joyous memories that will create momentary laughter and warm their hearts. The writer can share special memories or favorite qualities of the deceased person. Also showing solidarity and offering help can let the person feel better. It is through difficult times that people can come together and be of help. Thoughtful gestures and kind acts can sure help a person to recover from trauma and depression. All of us have the ability to be one such person. Whenever circumstances arise, one should have the ability to be dependable, kind and sensitive to their needs.