The massive versatile mobile stage is customized with a swing stage designed for mobile exhibitions and roadshows. The swing stage encourages to interact between clients and personnel. The trucks simple set up and manoeuvrability allows increasing time spent with the spectators. Its cost-effectiveness and practicality are complemented by its versatile for capturing the market at the right are, causing increased awareness amongst the audience while leaving them impressed.

This mobile led trucks allows interacting with the right people. The company contact, search and purpose the place where the brand targets audiences group are more concentrated, for achieving the maximum results in the short period of time. After the confirmation of the location, the company design the layout according got the size of the event and come out with a 3D artist impression for the customers to experience the visual impact even bore its physical built. After the design is approved that suits the requirement, construction will take place.

Quality and time are important to the company as it is to the customer. It ensures not to worry about post-production. Even after the event, Gmagic Power helps to dismantle. Gmagic Power is ready to back up the customers in the Emcee, promoter or usher or showgirl, balloon clown or magician, sound system, mini-concert, mini-game set, tailor-made program and activities, ascot and venue sourcing.

Gmagic Power has a 20 footer extension mobile event truck. With the extended stage, the truck can be used for mobile sales store and a mini-concert. The 20 footers truck creates a great impact on branding due to its visibility on the road. Even the setup time for the truck might be longer than 15 footers, but still, it is a flexible and mobile event tool. With the 5-ton mobile event, truck sales or activity can be carried out on the truck. The truck can be roving to any location within Peninsular Malaysia for maximum 6 days per week and 8 hours per day.