Win32 disk imager is a windows program that was developed to save and restore the images from portable devices like the USB drives, the memory card, etc. they can also be used to boot images from a desktop to an SD flash drive or a USB flash drive. This program is designed to write a raw disk image to a removable device as a backup. The disk images are essential for embedding the arm development projects like the Android, Ubuntu, etc.

In the early days, people used CDs and DVDs to store their information. Now, the win32 disk imager has come up with a feature for writing an image from iOS to the USB as well, which seems to be essential these days. However, the developers of this program have not disclosed the full system requirement needed to run this software, but it does not require a very demanding work for running it on average machines.

The win32 disk imager has a capacity of 44 Mb, but it is considered very light and convenient for the user. The designs are made simple and work efficiently; users can also create a bootable drive if needed. Some think that the program is accessible even on windows server 2008, windows server 2012 and windows server 2016; but they are not thoroughly tested nor officially confirmed. The program can be used on windows7, windows8.1, windows10. There won’t be any problem setting up with one of these operating systems. For more information please visit here win32diskimager

There have been some warning reports on win32 disk imager that when the program is used to write a USB floppy drive, there have been some issues. The issues have been fixed in v1.0, but it is highly recommended that before an image is printed into the device, users must first read to a temporary file. In case this fails, most proper would be reporting it with the system information. When the installation is done, the user will be asked to immediately run the win32 disk imager or view the readme file.