It is a really bad idea to buy followers on Instagram that are real, active, and engage followers on the Instagram account. No matter how many followers a person has right now. First of all, one needs to understand that Instagram has become sophisticated in terms of social media and, of course, advertising space. It is their main source of revenue. Their main source of income is actually generating revenue through its advertising platform. They are going to value some people a little bit more than the others because some people are just more valuable to advertisers. So because of that, they actually put some sort of measures in place, namely some sorts of algorithms.

It’s going to throttle a person if they do some weird behavior. Mainly because they want to know bad some sort of bodying behaviors, they are doing it to people that use bots or fake people, and those who try to skew the real numbers are actually bad for those advertisers because they are not valuable anymore.

Let’s just say a person open up the account and have zero followers. And all of a sudden they have to spike of a thousand new followers or almost two thousand buy instagram followers. First of all, that’s a pretty big indicator for the Instagram system already that there are some fishy things going on.

The algorithm is going to put people into different categories because, first of all, the whole user experience and second of all, of course, for the advertisers. They have to know that these people are interested in cars, food or anything. They are going to look at the behavior, the followers, who they are interacting with, who they are interacting with, and they are going to categorize it. If people buy followers on Instagram, the algorithms going to favor all the new followers that come to the person’s profile a lot more.